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House Washing

We offer a variety of different exterior cleaning services to keep your property in the best possible shape. We also offer a few other convenient services!


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Roof Cleaning

    Cleaning the roof of your home extends the life of shingles and other materials that are used in roof construction. Algae, mold, and other organic growths can thrive by attacking   limestone and trapped moisture under the shingles and decrease its effectiveness. Unfortunately, this type of growth affects all kinds of roofs. It affects asphalt roofing, slate, metal, and tile roofs alike. This means that damage to your roof is inevitable, if it goes untreated. This can result in expensive repair cost and higher insurance policies. 

    But there is good news! We understand that roof cleaning can be a hassle for most home owners. Fortunately, this is where we come in! We understand the amount of care and caution that is needed to properly treat a roof. From the pitch, angle, and materials that make your roof special, we treat each home with the right tools to do the job correctly! We are confident that our soft washing techniques will extend the life of your home. And save you money over time! 



Gutter Cleaning

    Lets face it, cleaning the gutters of your home is a painful chore that often stays neglected. It’s one of the least noticed parts of a home, but can cause the homeowner significant financial burdens if they aren’t cleared of sticks, leaves, and debris from all four seasons. There are many benefits of having us keep them clean for you!

    We can help keep pests away! Insects, birds, and rodents love to make homes out of clogged gutters. And even worse, they leave waste that can turn into fungus or mold, creating harmful bacteria and diseases. 

    When gutters are clogged, rain water does not have a place to drain. This causes water damage to the roof and results in expensive repairs. Taking preventative measures now can help save money down the road! 

Cleaning a Rain Gutter


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Window Cleaning

    Climbing on ladders to clean your windows can be dangerous. And climbing on ladders with a pole and bucket of water or chemicals can be more dangerous! Sometimes it can be difficult to get that spot free cleaning that professionals get because most home owners don't own high end water fed poles and the equipment necessary to lower the TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids ) in their water to clean the high window panes.

    The good news is that we have all the equipment necessary to give your windows a clean shine for an affordable price! We can also help to spot any damage in the windows or poorly seated windows to help save you money later!


Pressure Washing

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One of the biggest services we offer is professional pressure washing. There are many reasons that you should give us the privilege of pressure washing your property!

We specialize in cleaning driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and more! Making your property look as good as it possibly can is our top priority!

Working with the appropriate amount of pressure to clean specific surfaces can be dangerous. When you allow us to pressure wash your property, we remove any risk you have for personal injury and give us the chance to spot any problems before they happen. 

You don't have to worry about getting dirty. We have the skills to do all the work and free up your time. 

Leave the ladder climbing and high pressure washing to us! 

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Fence and Patio

Rain storms, snow, strong winds, and direct sunlight, most patios and fences endure all kinds of harsh conditions. It's important to give wood the maintenance it needs to stand strong in the strange weather that we get in central Texas. 

Wood staining is a good option! But it is still important to clean the wood before applying the stain. If the wood isn't properly cleaned, the stain may not be able to fully protect the surface. It is important to have the right equipment, experience, and solutions to clean the surface effectively before applying anything to the wood. 

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Pressure Washing

All of this can save money on maintenance cost and increase curb appeal!


More Services!

    There are still more services that Orca Coast LLC has to offer! We strive to give you professional services and the best value for it. Because of this, we also offer to clean your trash cans, vehicle exterior, pool areas, and even propane tanks! If there is something that you need cleaned, just let us know. And if we can do it safely and to your satisfaction,  we will provide the service for you. Contact us to learn more!

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