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About Us

Thank you very much for showing interest about us and what we have to offer to the community!

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Who we are

Orca Coast LLC is a veteran owned business in central Texas with members coming together from different career backgrounds including the military, first responders, and the education system. We have proudly served the community in different ways, and we wanted to continue to serve as we embark on the entrepreneurial journey of a small service pressure washing business. 

Orca Logo

So why was the orca chosen to represent our business? Orcas are very adaptive creatures in the dolphin family. They live in some of the warmest oceans near the equator to the coldest oceans that our planet has to offer. They are strong, smart, and very playful animals that work together as a group (known as pods) to ensure their survival. They are beautiful apex predators that can be trained to do a variety of different tasks and adapt very well to varying environments. These are qualities that are  not only required in the military and all of our professions, but also seem to be required in the growing industry that we are apart of, and in general, life as well!

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Orca Coast LLC specializes in a wide range of residential and commercial exterior cleaning services. We have a mission to provide continuous professional pressure washing services to the community, while valuing customer satisfaction. 

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